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Two-page Reports on Science

Cuban Sci. 2023, Vol. 4, Issue 1

Cuban Sci. 2023, 4(1): 7–8
Ernesto M. Martell, Melaine González-García, Ludger H. Ständker, Anselmo J. Otero-González
Published on 2 Oct 2023 PDF (555K)
“Host defence peptides can complement the efficacy of conventional antibiotics amid the current strain resistance crisis. In addition to their microbicidal actions, they may have an immunomodulatory function, reinforcing an antimicrobial fight in a way that conventional antibiotics cannot efficiently address.”
Cuban Sci. 2023, 4(1): 15–16
Maybi Morell, Rafael García, Rogelio Diaz-Mendez
Published on 18 Jan 2024 PDF (239K)
“We argue in favor of a positive answer to this question, providing evidence from the context of Cuban university students, where study groups form spontaneously at all academic stages. Personal epistemology, measured with a beliefs questionnaire, shows interesting behaviors as function of the group parameters.”

Cuban Sci. 2023, Vol. 4, Issue 2

Natural Sciences (7 reports)

Cuban Sci. 2023, 4(2): 1–2
Dario A. Leona, Joan Nieves, Roberto Herrero, Frank Quintela, Augusto Gonzalez
Published on 23 Mar 2024 PDF (213K)
“We present evolp, a repository with a set of tools for analyzing mutations and gene expression data. We discuss some examples of applications, already published elsewhere.”
Cuban Sci. 2023, 4(2): 3–4
Diana Alvear Terrero, Samantha López Pérez, Daryel Manreza Paret, Aurora Pérez Martínez, Gretel Quintero Angulo
Published on 23 Mar 2024 PDF (247K)
“When modeling the structure of compact stars, the presence of magnetic fields poses a number of questions about the micro and macrophysics treatment of the system. Here, we discuss a model based in the so-called γ-metric to describe anisotropic magnetized compact stars.”
Keywords: compact stars
Cuban Sci. 2023, 4(2): 5–6
Alejandro Cabo
Published on 23 Mar 2024 PDF (99K)
“A personal view of the history of the Theoretical Physics Department (DFT) at ICIMAF (former ININTEF) is presented. The current Department was originally called Theoretical Physics Group (GFT).”
Cuban Sci. 2023, 4(2): 7–8
Gretel Quintero Angulo, Diana Alvear Terrero
Published on 23 Mar 2024 PDF (1.29M)
“We briefly review the history and achievements of the Department of Theoretical Physics (DFT) of the ICIMAF since its foundation in 1976. The data and opinions of former and current members of the DFT were taken from a series of interviews made to the participants of the scientific conference FT-45, held virtually in March 2021, to celebrate the 45th anniversary of the DFT.”
Cuban Sci. 2023, 4(2): 9–12
Samantha López Péreza, Daryel Manreza Paret, Gretel Quintero Angulo, Aurora Pérez Martínez, Diana Alvear Terrero
Published on 23 Mar 2024 PDF (377K)
“In this work we study stable configurations of magnetized strange stars using an axially symmetric metric in spherical coordinates and calculate its observables (masses, radii and mass quadrupole moment).”
Cuban Sci. 2023, 4(2): 17–18
L. C. Suarez-Gonzalez, G. Quintero Angulo, A. Pérez Martínez, H. Pérez Rojas
Published on 23 Mar 2024 PDF (281K)
“We study the thermodynamic properties of a relativistic magnetized neutral vector boson gas at any temperature. We compare the results with the low temperature (LT) and the non relativistic (NR) descriptions of this gas.”
Cuban Sci. 2023, 4(2): 19–21
D. S. Fontanella, A. Cabo, C. M. García
Published on 23 Mar 2024 PDF (272K)
“The main physical ideas about Dynamical Gravastars, are briefly presented in common with the main properties of their field configuration. Also, we estimate the place that these solutions should take within the current astrophysical ideas for describing the super-massive galaxy centers and stars.”
Keywords: Gravastars

Cuban Sci. 2022, Vol. 3, Issue 1

Cuban Sci. 2022, 3(1): 1–2
Trini Fragoso Arbelo, Dency Rivas Domingo
Published on 28 Feb 2022 PDF (133K)
“Cyclic vomiting syndrome (CVS) is a functional disorder that constitutes a serious social problem and disturbs family dynamics due to vomiting intensity. Its identification based on clinical symptoms is helpful for the diagnosis and evolution of these.”
Cuban Sci. 2022, 3(1): 3–4
Evelio Díaz Lezcano
Published on 4 Jul 2022 PDF (136K)
“Through the recall of extraordinary victories achieved by the Soviet Union, its role in the outcome of the war is weighted and the common falsifications and misrepresentations of the historical truth are refuted.”

Cuban Sci. 2022, Vol. 3, Issue 2

Humanities (1 report)

Natural Sciences (1 report)

Cuban Sci. 2022, 3(2): 1–2
Osvaldo Paneque Duquesne
Published on 21 Jan 2023 PDF (166K)
“We introduce to the representative texts on the historiography of pictorial art in 19th century, and the history they reveal, using descriptive statistical analysis to gain a quantitative understanding of the set.”
Cuban Sci. 2022, 3(2): 5–6
Yuniel Ernesto Martínez Péreza, René Collazo Carceller, Miguel Armando Autie Pérez, José Luis Valín-Rivera
Published on 21 Jan 2023 PDF (207K)
“The aim of this work was to analyse the values of thermo-physical and thermo-dependent mechanical properties and diagrams necessary at high temperatures for the simulation of a welding process of 2.25Cr-1Mo steels based on the compositions provided in the specialised literature.”
Keywords: Simulations

Cuban Sci. 2021, Vol. 2, Issue 1

Cuban Sci. 2021, 2(1): 3–4
Anel Hernández-Garcés, Elizabeth Avilés Rodríguez, Maritza Lau González, Ulises Jáuregui Haza, Irene Grueiro Cruz, Fernando Guzmán Martínez
Published on 16 Feb 2021 PDF (53.04K)
“Concise review on some educational experiences in a process of strengthening the teaching of Organic Chemistry in the training of the radiochemists at InSTEC”
Cuban Sci. 2021, 2(1): 7–8
Trini Fragoso Arbeloa, Dency Rivas Domingo, María Elena Trujillo Toledo, Mercedes Cárdenas Bruno, Félix Revilla Machado, Rebeca Milán Pavón
Published on 14 Mar 2021 PDF (139K)
“Helicobacter pylori infection is widespread, particularly in developing countries, and plays a vital role in acid peptic disease.”
Cuban Sci. 2021, 2(1): 11–12
Trini Fragoso Arbelo, Elsa García Bacallao, Waldimiro García Pérez, Maria Elena Trujillo Toledo, Emilio Rodríguez Ramírez, Eduviges García Soto, José Rústelo Aguila, Raquel Toledo Padilla, Rey Ramos Riera, Elvira Borbolla Busquets
Published on 20 Mar 2021 PDF (134K)
“Inflammatory Bowel Diseases in children are not so infrequent and a high level of suspicion should be maintained in order to achieve an early diagnosis and maximum avoidance of complications”
Cuban Sci. 2021, 2(1): 13–14
Trini Fragoso Arbelo, Rebeca Milán Pavón
Published on 25 Mar 2021 PDF (134K)
“Functional Gastrointestinal Disorders (FGID) are a frequent motive for health care needs in gastroenterology, thus causing serious problems socially and in family dynamics. We study the clinical characteristics and natural history of the Irritable Bowel Syndrome (IBS) in children and adolescents attending our outpatients' practice of pediatric gastroenterology, according to the new Rome criteria. We found that IBS is relatively frequent as a cause for functional Chronic Abdominal Pain (CAP) and that an interrogatory following Rome criteria is useful for its diagnosis.”

Cuban Sci. 2021, Vol. 2, Issue 2

Natural Sciences (2 reports)

Cuban Sci. 2021, 2(2): 1–2
Marilyn Bello, Gonzalo Nápoles, Koen Vanhoof, Rafael Bello
Published on 13 Sep 2021 PDF (167K)
“This work introduces a new neural network architecture that uses bidirectional associations-based pooling to extract high-level features and labels from multi-label data. Unlike the pooling approaches reported in the literature, our proposal does not require input data to have any topological properties as typically occurs with images and videos. The numerical results show that our bidirectional pooling helps reduce the number of problem features and labels while preserving the discriminatory power of the network.”
Cuban Sci. 2021, 2(2): 5–6
Leonardo Concepción, Gonzalo Nápoles, Rafael Bello, Koen Vanhoof
Published on 12 Oct 2021 PDF (333K)
“We proposed definitions and theorems regarding Fuzzy Cognitive Maps (FCMs), which allow estimating bounds for the activation value of each neuron and analyzing the covering and proximity of feasible activation spaces. The main theoretical findings suggest that the state space of any FCM model equipped with transfer F-functions shrinks infinitely with no guarantee for the FCM to converge to a fixed point but to its limit state space. This result, in conjunction with the covering and proximity values of FCM-based models, helps to understand their poor performance when solving complex simulation problems.”

Cuban Sci. 2020, Vol. 1, Issue 1

Cuban Sci. 2020, 1(1): 11–12
Germán Cruz González, Carine Julcour, Sarra Gaspard, Ulises Jáuregui Haza
Published on 26 Apr 2020 PDF (230K)
“The degradation of chlordecone and beta-hexachlorocyclohexane in aqueous media is possible by means of photolysis, (photo-)Fenton oxidation and ozonation processes. ”
Cuban Sci. 2020, 1(1): 13–14
Anthuan Ferino-Péreza, Juan José Gamboa-Carballo, Ulises Jáuregui Haza
Published on 10 May 2020 PDF (797K)
“The molecular inclusion process of two organochlorine pesticides and its radiolabeled analogous with cyclodextrines is a perspective technology for the removal of these pollutants from water.”
Cuban Sci. 2020, 1(1): 17–18
Yusmel González Hernández, Ulises Jáuregui Haza, Claire Albasi, Marion Alliet
Published on 14 May 2020 PDF (289K)
“The development of a submerged membrane bioreactor computer simulator that integrates biological degradation process with physical separation process is a useful tool for teaching and research.”
Cuban Sci. 2020, 1(1): 21–22
Kenia Melchor Rodrı́guez, Juan José Gamboa Carballo, Anthuan Ferino Pérez, Nady Passe-Coutrin, Sarra Gaspard, Ulises Jáuregui Haza
Published on 16 Jun 2020 PDF (368K)
“We use computational chemistry tools for describing chlordecone interactions with acidic surface groups onto activated carbons (AC), for understanding the adsorption process of pesticide on AC.”

Cuban Sci. 2020, Vol. 1, Issue 2

Cuban Sci. 2020, 1(2): 5–6
René Delgado-Hernández, Ivones Hernández-Balmaseda, Idania Rodeiro-Guerra, Julio Cesar Rodríguez Gonzalez, Olivier De Wever, Emilie Logie, Ken Declerck, Claudina Pérez-Novo, Wim Vanden Berghe
Published on 3 Nov 2020 PDF (356K)
“We described here how international collaboration can validate the preclinical research of a new use for a given molecule produced in Cuba while strengthening the scientific capacity of the country.”
Cuban Sci. 2020, 1(2): 9–10
Yolanda Peña Acosta
Published on 31 Dec 2020 PDF (143K)
“This paper exposes some results obtained in my PhD thesis (Peña Acosta, 2005). Its scientific novelty lays in the determination of a relationship between the implementation of the investigative approach in the developer teaching-learning process and the self-evaluation of the students about their school performance. ”