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Two-page Reports on Science

Cuban Sci. 2022, Vol. 3, Issue 2

Natural Sciences (3 reports)

Humanities (1 report)

Cuban Sci. 2022, 3(2): 1–2
Osvaldo Paneque Duquesne
Published on 21 Jan 2023 PDF (166K)
“We introduce to the representative texts on the historiography of pictorial art in 19th century, and the history they reveal, using descriptive statistical analysis to gain a quantitative understanding of the set.”
Cuban Sci. 2022, 3(2): 3–4
Bryan Zaldívar
Published on 21 Jan 2023 PDF (0.97M)
“The dwarf satellite galaxies of the Milky Way are ideal targets to search for non-gravitational interactions of dark matter using gamma-ray data. A new data-driven method is proposed to bypass the currently limited knowledge of the physics behind standard astrophysical emissions.”
Cuban Sci. 2022, 3(2): 5–6
Yuniel Ernesto Martínez Péreza, René Collazo Carceller, Miguel Armando Autie Pérez, José Luis Valín-Rivera
Published on 21 Jan 2023 PDF (207K)
“The aim of this work was to analyse the values of thermo-physical and thermo-dependent mechanical properties and diagrams necessary at high temperatures for the simulation of a welding process of 2.25Cr-1Mo steels based on the compositions provided in the specialised literature.”
Keywords: Simulations
Cuban Sci. 2022, 3(2): 7–8
Sandy Sanchez
Published on 21 Jan 2023 PDF (651K)
“Perovskite hybrid semiconductor materials have an enormous potential for growth across the field with promising applications such as thin-film solar cells. Although device stability is the bottleneck of perovskite solar cell technology, recent advances show a promising way to implement future improvements.”