ISSN 2673-494X
Two-page Reports on Science


Dr. Sandy Sanchez

“I am on board because I believe in the unification of the diaspora as a growing network, to pour and feed on Cuban scientific knowledge.”

Deputy Editor

Dr. Aris Quintana-Nedelcos

“In times of continuously growing scientific production and dissemination it's easy to overlook personal and communal achievements. I believe TCS will help to strengthen the sense of belonging of individual scientific actors to a wider community, which in turn will potentiate cultural and scientific interactions across borders and fields.”

Associate Editors

MSc. Ana Parra

MSc. Maybí Morell

“Humans live in groups; belonging to groups makes us strong as individuals and society. TCS tries to better connect the Cuban scientific community, and I'm very happy to be on board. I'm also proud of this inclusive conception, in which it doesn't matter whether you have 'carné de identidad' or not, work in humanities or technology, and have hundreds or just one scientific paper.”

Dr. Miriam Palacios-Callender

“TCS offers us a unique opportunity to build a community of Cuban researchers and academics that interact regardless of their geographical location, making possible the leap towards stronger networks of international collaboration having in our hearts our beloved Cuba.”

Dr. Rogelio Díaz-Méndez

“TCS is a necessary project designed in Cuba's best interest. It fills a void not only in practice but in the conceptual realm as well, so it is the type of endeavour I feel excited to contribute to. On top of that, its editorial board is a lot of fun, facing each challenge the Cuban way.”

Dr. Alexander Odriazola

“Ideally, a CV should be evaluated "normalized to the opportunity", but in practice, nobody does that; so I decided to create our own opportunities. My goal at TCS is to support the establishment of new collaborative networks, and my satisfaction will be to see them grow strong.”

Dr. Danny Martínez-Pedrera

“I ‘blame’ the guy immediately above for embarking me on a project that is a great way to give back to the community I used to be an active member of and owe so much to.”