ISSN 2673-494X
Two-page Reports on Science

Cuban Sci. 2020, Vol. 1, Issue 2

Cuban Sci. 2020, 1(2): 1–2
Drialys Cardenas-Morcoso
Published on 7 Oct 2020 PDF (332K)
“The meaning of negative IMPS transfer function values was experimentally demonstrated, providing a powerful opto-electronic method toward specific operational mechanisms insights in photoelectrochemical systems.”
Cuban Sci. 2020, 1(2): 3–4
Danny Martínez Pedrera
Published on 17 Oct 2020 PDF (258K)
“We briefly discuss SU(2)-structure 6-manifolds, their role in the compactification of the heterotic string and the resulting gauged supergravity at low energies.”
Cuban Sci. 2020, 1(2): 5–6
René Delgado-Hernández, Ivones Hernández-Balmaseda, Idania Rodeiro-Guerra, Julio Cesar Rodríguez Gonzalez, Olivier De Wever, Emilie Logie, Ken Declerck, Claudina Pérez-Novo, Wim Vanden Berghe
Published on 3 Nov 2020 PDF (356K)
“We described here how international collaboration can validate the preclinical research of a new use for a given molecule produced in Cuba while strengthening the scientific capacity of the country.”
Cuban Sci. 2020, 1(2): 7–8
Miriam Palacios-Callender
Published on 29 Dec 2020 PDF (261K)
“The identification of the enzyme iNOS in human lungs after cardiopulmonary bypass was the result of the experimental and clinical cooperation of two teams aiming to identify new pathways in the pathophysiology of postoperative cardiac surgery.”
Cuban Sci. 2020, 1(2): 9–10
Yolanda Peña Acosta
Published on 31 Dec 2020 PDF (143K)
“This paper exposes some results obtained in my PhD thesis (Peña Acosta, 2005). Its scientific novelty lays in the determination of a relationship between the implementation of the investigative approach in the developer teaching-learning process and the self-evaluation of the students about their school performance. ”